"Solar power is not about fashion, it's about survival"
                                        ~Sir Norman Foster~
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It's really about you -You are the reason we are in business. When I first visited Ghana in early 2012 to consult with my business partner, I must admit that I took our electricity situation for granted here in the states where power outages are uncommon. In Ghana I was amazed at both how often and how long these outages would occur, some lasting nearly all day! In my short time there, I learned that regular outages, generators, and high costs are an ongoing battle, and an everyday part of life. I imagined what it would be like for Ghanaians to not be the least bit concerned about outages, to not even be aware that your neighbor has lost power. With energy costs already expensive and rising, people are searching more and more for alternate sources of electricity that are cheaper and reliable, no matter what country they live in. People now have a choice and are switching to free energy without any reliance on your region's power supply. By the time I arrived at Kotoka for the 15-hour journey home, my Ghanaian colleague and I were already texting back and forth, exploring ways to introduce solar products into the country, and how to increase awareness toward renewable energy. We became excited about solar energy in Ghana! Your solution became our vision - to provide a reliable source of power, to eliminate outages once and for all, and to make it affordable. I believe Ghana is rapidly transforming itself as the leader in solar energy in all of Africa, one person at a time.
Growing up in Metropolitan Ghana - I am of course accustomed to power outages. They are a daily nuisance for most of us, and for many years there was nothing we could do about it. Thankfully, we have fallen upon technologically-advanced times, and we now have a choice. I can still remember the only methods of communicating with each other were undependable landlines and letters in the mail, and how we were introduced to the internet and cellular phones, which quickly changed everything. I hope we can all eagerly accept solar energy as we did cell phones and internet, which will quickly change everything as well. In the very near future, we will all have reliable electricity in our homes and businesses due to solar technology. Solar energy integrates itself into Ghanaian society easily - it is both cheap and reliable, and the sun shines brightly and consistently in Africa, allowing maximum benefit and usage of our solar equipment. Our customers are enjoying a blackout-free lifestyle, and more importantly, they are not paying anything for that lifestyle! Nearly every customer has followed up with positive feedback after having their solar system installed. Once they have purchased their own system, there are no electric bills, no payment demands from anyone. I believe electricity will soon be free for all of us in Ghana, because science and technology has found a way to harness the sun's energy. When I was introduced to my future business partner, I was happy to find that he was as passionate as I am about our nation's energy crisis. The international aspect of our partnership has taught me valuable lessons - all countries are not created equal and we must utilize what resources we have been blessed with. Solar energy is that resource we must take full advantage of. 

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