"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun "
                                                                                                         ~Ralph Nader~
Frequently Asked Questions

Can solar energy power my entire home?

Africa is one of the earth's best locations for solar energy, you will get more than enough sunlight for your system to operate at full capacity. Depending on which product or system you own, you can power anything from a single light to every room in your home, including most appliances.

How does solar power work at night?

Solar panels installed on your rooftop (or even a small lantern) convert sunlight to electricity during the day, even if it is cloudy. The excess power you do not use in the daytime is stored in a battery, or multiple batteries called a "battery bank". During the night, your battery or battery bank should have sufficient power to last until the sun rises to begin charging your solar system again.

Is solar power less expensive than electric power?

Yes. The sun produces 100% free energy, while electricity costs are expensive and typically rising. The price of solar panels has dropped 60% since 2011, and continue to drop. It costs nothing to maintain the sun's immense power, while the cost of maintenance on a major electric grid is phenomenal. Once your solar system is purchased, your home's energy is free.

What can I power with a small, inexpensive system?

We have low-priced systems you can choose to easily install yourself. These basic systems will give you 2 light sources, plus an outlet to charge a cell phone or listen to the radio. We also have individual solar lamps and other products.

Are solar systems difficult to install?

No. Our solar systems are easy to install, or you can have one of our representatives install it for you at no cost.

Are solar systems easy to use?

Yes, they are just as simple to use as regular electric power. A solar system owner should learn some basic installation and maintenance facts to keep their system operating smoothly and efficiently.

Is solar energy really the planet's future power source?

Ghana is currently building the largest solar power plant on the entire continent of Africa. The US is working on solar-powered panels in place of asphalt roads which will be illuminated at night, melt snow automatically, and are maintenance-free. New Zealand and Germany have created a solar-powered boat that can travel for days in total darkness at a speed of 26 KMH, while carrying 60 people on board. A company in Australia is developing solar paint, enabling one to paint their home and generate electricity through solar-cell technology. Solar power in Africa has the potential to provide all of the world's energy requirements, using only a small portion of the Sahara Desert. There is study upon study highly regarding renewable solar energy as the earth's dominant power source in the very near future - less than a decade according to many experts. With the cost of solar products consistently declining and the energy from the sun always free, people, governments, and businesses all over the world are investing and implementing solar energy and anticipating a cleaner world.

What materials will I need?


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